People who inspire us and who we admire. This is how the VERBENA'S MUSE project was born. And this month's muse represents all of this so well: MARCELA CAIO. Beautiful, stylish and super entrepreneurial, Marcela is the name behind THEODORA HOME, a company of which she is a founding partner.
Theodora is an online platform for style, references and decor inspiration for everyone who seeks and breathes the universe of living well. It's that type of e-commerce where you enter and want to buy EVERYTHING!

"What makes me happiest is contributing to making the homes of those close to me a more welcoming and happy place to be."

How was Theodora born?
I worked for a few years in the financial market, which I love and dictates my pace as a businesswoman, until I started looking for a new challenge that I really enjoyed! The digital market appeared to me a little before the world of decor, and I came up with the idea of ​​opening a website where I could curate everything I would like to have for myself, in the same place.
The aesthetic sense has been with me since I was little. I studied art in Firenze, before the design season in Paris. When the website was already live, the closest clients started looking for me to decorate their homes, and with that the Studio and our productions were born. With my architect sister along for the ride, the team was perfect.

What are your biggest challenges as a businesswoman?
As a businesswoman, challenges are always my thing. But today the great achievement is discovering the best in the people who are with me.
What are your favorite flowers? And is there somewhere in your house where you ALWAYS have flowers?
Orchids, of different species and colors, I love a cymbidium! On the coffee table, always!

tropical flower arrangement " A dream house is the one that welcomes you, and makes you want to stay, and come back. There's no shortage of candles and flowers."

What type of flower/arrangement do you like to give when you gift someone?
I think I'm one of the people who gives the most flowers as gifts! I always put together a bouquet with colors that match the occasion, or give a cache of planted mini orchids that everyone loves and always have somewhere to put.

How does your choice of flowers reflect your personal style?
The choice of flowers is always linked to the mood of my day or the moment I am living. It's like the clothes you wear, sometimes you want something colorful and other times it's more basic! I'm currently experiencing the phase of earthy tones, looser arrangements, and some more minimalist ones.

Who are the people who inspire you most in the world of art, design and fashion?
Women always inspire me, who are living a thousand facets of life, collaborating and engaging with everything, and giving themselves to projects with love.

How do you start and end your day?
Currently having a glass of green juice, followed by lots of coffee with milk while I organize my agenda for the day. I end up with a lit candle next to the bed, I have an addiction to candles.

What is your favorite restaurant in São Paulo?
Kan Suke

What is your favorite destination?
He goes from Paris to trips with nature. But a good Bahia is always my favorite choice.