Gabriella Ghader x Verbena Flores

Gabriella Ghader x VERBENA

Gabriella Ghader is an inspiration. Beautiful, educated and extremely elegant, the model and influencer draws sighs wherever she goes. Coveted by national and international brands, it is an honor for Verbena to have a collection at its side.

With a minimalist and very chic style, Gabriella is considered one of the most elegant women of her generation, always classy & fabulous. For her, less is more. A regular Verbena customer, she represents everything we believe: "elegance is common sense dressed in simplicity".

And below Gabriella tells a little more about her routine, her story and her style.


How did your love for fashion come about?

For as long as I can remember, I have always appreciated the charms of the world of fashion. I started wanting to choose my own clothes from a very early age. And with encouragement from my family, my first contact with fashion was when I was still a child. I participated in children's fashion shows and campaigns for children's clothing brands. I always had it in my head that I would like to work in this industry, but I decided to go all the way through my studies and finish the path I had started in college. And only after graduating in Law, I decided to pursue a career in modeling professionally. I always encourage people around me to pursue their dreams, always exploring new horizons, doing different things and living life as lightly as possible, one day at a time. Every beginning is very challenging, but the challenges at the beginning shape us into stronger and more confident people. What makes this industry so interesting is that it is constantly changing. And I see very positive changes.

Dress up or dress down?
Pre-pandemic I would say Dress Down. Minimalism will always be my main look, I think because I see simple as the most beautiful thing. But through all this we are experiencing, I must admit that I miss one production, then: Dress Up.

On your playlist now?
Coldplay, U2 and Jack Johnson always and forever.

Favorite dinner party flowers?
There is a lot of fun and all the planning involved that is worth it. It all depends on the mood and the occasion, but Tulips will always have my heart.

What's your tip for always being so classy and chic?
I believe that beauty is all about attitude. A positive mind gives you a glow that no makeup, clothes or accessories can create.


What inspires you?
Absolutely everything. It's delicate to say precisely what exactly inspires me, because I believe that creativity comes in such a flow and depends a lot on your mood and what you are experiencing at the moment.
For example, the same book can inspire you in two totally different ways. If you are in the clouds or if you are not having the best of days, the effect will be different.

In light of this, first and foremost, I believe that my feelings inspire me, looking within and experiencing each feeling and thought helps me to be inspired by external elements such as nature, ocean, art, films, books, sounds and scents. Feelings inspire me a lot. I appreciate the fact that I understand every feeling and can extract from something so abstract, the act of transforming it into something as simple as a photo.

But of course I am also inspired by museums, editorials, magazines, people around the world, etc.
I understand that inspiration is everywhere. It just depends on how you look at it and where you want to go.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
I've always been a daytime person. I like to wake up early, around 7 am, so I can have time to meditate, prepare my matcha and focus on my intentions for the day ahead. One of the first and essential things I do when I wake up is take a shower, my day hasn't started before I take a shower. It makes me feel renewed and ready for a new day ahead. On days when I have photos or am traveling for work, all of this is done even earlier and quickly.

What are your favorite restaurants?
The Ivy, LA. Carbone, NYC. Cipriani Dolci of Grand Central. Cecconi's. The Smith, DC.

What would you like more people to do?
Compliment each other and be kind.

What do you consider the biggest compliment?
Resilience and good energy.

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